Prime Requisite: DEX and CHA
Requirements: None
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 14

Successful adventurers live forever in the sagas and songs of their deeds. Remembering and recounting these sagas is the profession of skalds. Most skalds are content to recite the deeds of others, but some bold few participate in the dangers themselves and become inspiring heroes in their own right. Skalds are greatly respected among members of the Scandinavian people, for poetry is held by many to be the greatest of the arts.

Skalds are primarily poets and storytellers. They often found a welcome place at the hearthside of a host in return for reciting verses, often composed extemporaneously. A skald’s poem was judged not only on how good a story it told, but how well the skald made use of kennings, creative allusions and poetical metaphors that could often be quite complex in their depth.

Skalds advance in attack throws and saving throws as a thief, by two points every four levels of experience. At first level, skalds hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+. They may fight with any missile weapons and any one-handed melee weapons, and may wield a weapon in each hand if desired. They cannot wear armor heavier than leather, and cannot use shields.

All skalds can recite poetry in a skilled manner. A skald may take the Perform proficiency to learn other types of performances such as singing or playing an instrument.

By reciting heroic lays and epic poems, skalds can inspire courage. Inspiring courage requires a few moments of oration before a battle (one round), and grants the skald’s allies within a 50’ radius a +1 bonus to attack throws, damage rolls, morale rolls (for monsters or NPCs allied with the skald), and saving throws against magical fear. The bonus lasts for 10 minutes (1 turn). A skald can inspire courage in any given character once per day per class level. (Even the most inspiring epic gets old if you hear it twice in the same day.) A skald cannot inspire courage in characters who are already engaged in combat.

Because of their study of ancient annals and legends, skalds possess loremastery. This knowledge allows them to decipher occult runes, remember ancient history, identify historic artifacts, and similar tasks. At 1st level, a skald must make a proficiency throw of 18+ on 1d20 to succeed in these tasks. The proficiency throw required reduces by 1 per level.

This same knowledge allows skalds to dabble in the arcane. They may attempt to use wands, staffs, and other magic items only useable by mages. At 1st level, the character must make a proficiency throw of 18+ on 1d20 or the attempt backfires in some desultory way (Judge’s discretion). The proficiency throw required reduces by 2 per level, to a minimum of 3+.

Upon attaining 4th level (Annalist), the skald gains the ability to read languages, including ciphers, treasure maps, and dead languages, but not magical writings. A proficiency throw of 5+ on 1d20 is required. If the roll does not succeed, the skald may not try to read that particular piece of writing until he reaches a higher level of experience.

When a skald reaches 5th level (Chronicler), his chronicles of battle inspire his hirelings to strive for glory. Any henchmen and mercenaries hired by the skald gain a +1 bonus to their morale score if the skald is there to witness and record their deeds. This bonus stacks with any modifiers from the skald’s Charisma or proficiencies.

Upon reaching 9th level (Skald), a skald can build a hall and become a ruler. When he does so, up to 1d4+1x10 0th level mercenaries and 1d6 bards of 1st-3rd level will come to apply for jobs and training. If hired, they must be paid standard rates for mercenaries.

At 10th level, the skald can read and cast magic from arcane scrolls with a proficiency throw of 3+ on 1d20. However, a failed throw means the spell does not function as expected, and can create a horrible effect at the Judge’s discretion.

Skald Proficiency List: Acrobatics, Art, Bargaining, Beast Friendship, Combat Trickery (disarm), Command, Diplomacy, Eavesdropping, Elven Bloodline, Fighting Style, Healing, Knowledge, Language, Leadership, Lip Reading, Magical Engineering, Magical Music, Mimicry, Mystic Aura, Performance, Precise Shooting, Prestidigitation, Running, Seduction, Skirmishing, Swashbuckling, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus

Skald Attack and Saving Throws

Level Petrif. & Paralysis Poison & Death Blast & Breath Staffs & Wands Spells Atk. Thr.
1–2 13+ 13+ 16+ 14+ 15+ 10+
3–4 12+ 12+ 15+ 13+ 14+ 9+
5–6 11+ 11+ 14+ 12+ 13+ 8+
7–8 10+ 10+ 13+ 11+ 12+ 7+
9–10 9+ 9+ 12+ 10+ 11+ 6+
11–12 8+ 8+ 11+ 9+ 10+ 5+
13–14 7+ 7+ 10+ 8+ 9+ 4+

Skald Level Progression

Experience Title Level Hit Dice
0 Reciter 1 1d6
1,400 Versifier 2 2d6
2,800 Archivist 3 3d6
5,600 Annalist 4 4d6
11,200 Chronicler 5 5d6
22,400 Panegyrist 6 6d6
45,000 Bard 7 7d6
90,000 Rhapsodist 8 8d6
190,000 Skald 9 9d6
290,000 Skald, 10th level 10 9d6+2*
390,000 Skald, 11th level 11 9d6+4*
490,000 Skald, 12th level 12 9d6+6*
590,000 Skald, 13th level 13 9d6+8*
690,000 Master Skald 14 9d6+10*

Bard Skills

Level Arcane Dabbling Loremastery
1 18+ 18+
2 16+ 17+
3 14+ 16+
4 12+ 15+
5 10+ 14+
6 8+ 13+
7 6+ 12+
8 4+ 11+
9 3+ 10+
10 3+ 9+
11 3+ 8+
12 3+ 7+
13 3+ 6+
14 3+ 5+


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