By far the most common Viking occupation, farming is the foundation that pays for raiding or trading trips overseas. Most steads are small communities in their own right, with dozens of workers to herd, till, reap and preserve in order to survive the generally harsh winters. The highest objective for most farmers is to own their own land and raise a family, which can support them in their dotage, if they are unfortunate enough to survive into old age.

Note that, depending on the local terrain, this template could just as easily stand in for a Fisherman or a Herdsman.

Proficiencies: Adventuring, Animal Husbandry or Labor, one choice from class list

Equipment: Spear or staff, dagger, sun-bleached wool cloak, well-stitched fur armor, wool tunic and pants, leather belt, low boots, backpack, 1 week’s iron rations


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