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“I’ve been with swords and spear
slippery with bright blood
where kites wheeled. And how well
we violent Vikings clashed!
Red flames ate up men’s roofs,
raging we killed and killed,
and skewered bodies sprawled
sleepy in town gate-ways”

(stanza by Egil Skallagrimsson, c. 925)

Campaign Wiki

This wiki will primarily focus on providing articles that offer a grounding in Norse culture and society, and other details of the wider world, as well as providing rules for adapting ACKS to a semi-historical Viking Age setting.

The Viking World

Ten Things You Thought You Knew
Viking Proverbs

The Campaign

Viking Ships
Trading Rules



The Rules Bits

Character Creation Overview
Spells and Magic
Healing and Rests
The Big d30

Main Page

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